Bronx Therapeutic ExercisesOur Bronx physical therapists are specialists in sports medicine and manual orthopedic therapy. They can help return the injured/post-surgical patient back to their previous activity level as quickly as possible. Our physical therapists have also worked extensively with the frail elderly in home health and skilled nursing facility environments. They can assist the older patient in achieving more independence through improved balance, strength and endurance.

Physical Therapy Services

Therapeutic Exercises and Manual Therapy

The physical therapists achieve their goals through therapeutic exercise and manual therapy. Therapeutic exercise is exercise applied in a manner with the goal of restoring or improving physical wellbeing. Therapeutic exercise is used for strengthening muscles, as well as improving coordination allowing the patient to return to their highest level of functioning.

After your evaluation, your therapist will prescribe an exercise program that is specifically suited to your needs. With manual therapy, our therapists use several types to control pain and allow normal motion. Massage, myofascial release and joint mobilizations are some of these techniques.

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Vestibular Rehab

We have therapists specifically trained in the treatment of vestibular disorders with emphasis on the treatment of BPPV using manual techniques and vestibular exercises.

Falls Prevention

We have therapists specifically trained to screen patients who are at a high risk of falls. If found to be a high risk for falls, our therapists are experts in prescribing an appropriate exercise and balance program as well as recommending modifications needed with regard to proper equipment and home set up to prevent further falls. As part of the falls prevention treatment, we will come out to the home for a visit to make an overall safety assessment of your home.