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Bronx - Bruckner Blvd
(corner of E Tremont)
2904 Bruckner Blvd
Tel: 347-582-2534
M-F 8am-7pm
Sat 9am-2pm


Bronx- Bruckner Blvd
All Physical and Occupational Therapy Services, Hand Therapy, Kids Therapy
2904 Bruckner Blvd.
Tel: 347-582-2534
HOURS: M-F 8am-7pm,
Sat 9am-2pm

Welcome to Proactive Physical Therapy

Throgs Neck - Bronx Physical Therapists

At ProActive our individual treatment approach incorporates a holistic perspective, addressing all areas of physical dysfunction and their effects on the client’s lifestyle. Beginning with the initial evaluation and proceeding until discharge, we incorporate a total body approach to the rehabilitation process.  OUR GOAL IS TO RETURN OUR CLIENTS TO A LEVEL OF FITNESS AND FUNCTION AT OR ABOVE THEIR PRE-INJURY STATUS. At PPHT we provide our clients with: the highest quality of care available, individual treatment sessions with our licensed physical and occupational therapists, with advanced and specialized training in their specific areas of expertise. Our goal for discharge it to ensure that our patients have reached their maximum potential and work closely with them to develop home programs that will continue to benefit them long after they have left us.

What Our Clients Say About Us...

"Since injuring my shoulder at work, ProActive has been a tremendous help in me making a full recovery and back to work. They have a very professional and knowledgable staff that treats you with patience and respect.  This along with a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere made for a quick and pleasant recovery."  - Kevin F

Our Hand & Physical Therapy Services...

Our Bronx physical therapists at ProActive are experts in the field of orthopedic Physical Therapy as well as having vast experience in Geriatric/Falls Prevention programs. Our Bronx hand therapists at ProActive are Certified Hand Therapists and have extensive experience with custom splinting and working with traumatic as well as chronic injuries to the hand, wrist and elbow.

ProActive Kids Clinic - Throgs Neck - BronxKids Clinic...

At ProActive we have a sensory integration gym and our therapists are experienced working with all levels of sensory and motor development. Click here to get more information.